Enabling Cookies for safe use
In order to be able to correctly view this web resource, your browser needs to be set to alllow cookies. Cookies should be enabled at a minimum of 'Medium High' setting in Internet Explorer under the Privacy Tab in Internet Options. No cookies are sent to nor retained by the end user. No information about the end user is stored in cookies. Cookies are used only to track session state between pages on the streaming interface and this use does not in any way infringe on the privacy of the end user.
Setting cookies generally in Internet Explorer
Using Internet Explorer, please select 'Tools' then 'Internet Options' from the main drop down menu (next to 'file').
Click on the 'Privacy' tab and you will be able to adjust the privacy settings for the Internet Zone.
Set the slider to 'Medium High' to allow cookie handling functionality.

Adding this site as an exception to default cookie handling
You may also simply add 'http://results.antfarm.co.za' as a site permitted to using cookies in your browser, while maintaining your existing cookie settings. In the Privacy settings page, click on the 'Sites' button and add as indicated.

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